Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Silver Secrets

Making candid photos in public places has been my practice of a lifetime. It is a search for archetype, irony, and surprise. Luck is my silent partner, and I honor that good fortune with humility. This goes beyond elevating subjects to working stealthfully, and quickly. There’s an odd sensation of losing oneself in the moment, which I consider to be reward for this subtle, non-confrontational approach. To be sure it is stalking, but as Bob Dylan noted, “To live outside the law you must be honest.” 01adams 04adams The little nose picker begins the arc of life with an inquiring gaze into the essence of humanity. She is ably supported by a cast of female scientists appearing on the book jacket, talking on a cell phone and peering into a telescope. Complementing the previous subject is mother’s little helper, who stands alone as an archetype. 10adams 12adams At the gift shop, a retail transaction in the background mirrors the children playing with penlights. Their reciprocal gestures are opposed by the daring expressions swapped over the racer. 14adams 15adams Some families had just arrived at the shore and wanted to mark the occasion with a group picture. Such scenes always bear watching, not for what they intend, but for their accidental moments. Like his predecessor, this young man too has found his zenith. The boat name Tinkerbell brings to mind other flying children. 11adams 05adams06adams An audience of youngsters once gave that souvenir of a memorable wait at the bank their best eeeewwwws. Shopping malls have been good to me. 16adams 17adams 21adams 22adams 26adams 27adams Young Pioneers are the Eastern bloc's version of Scouting. In the hills above Budapest, they operate an aging commuter railway. Such grave formal bearing contrasts with their youth.
This picture twists those roles nicely, subordinating his age and gender to her youthful authority. 23adams 24adams This pair contrast the social with the anti-social and share common interest in footwear. 30adams 37adams 39adams 35adams Wright Square The final group explores race relations in contemporary Georgia, from modern ease to lingering doubt, and closes with an expression of all conquering love.
Cameron Adams

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